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Sound: (Spoken / Gula Gula / Morning Sun)


‹I AM THE CHANGE OF TIME. In the NOW I turn everything to the good!›

YOU are reading this right NOW.
YOU come to know word and meaning right now and in the NOW SPACE!

YOU, who are now receiving these thoughts at different places on earth in this current moment of your life
– seeing or listening in different languages, become aware that you are, through the actual effect of these thoughts and words,
immersed into a common fabric of shared NOW-experiences all around the world.

Immerse your soul into the light of the wakeful presence.
Numberless MANY are connected to each other through their presence in currently reading and understanding these words,
these thoughts or even this creative idea!

This conscious presence circles the whole earth!
Freely connected in this bright presence you can discover a door to freedom.

YOU! You are capable of it!
YOU are capable of absorbing into yourself this shining force from that other space.
Whenever you want to you can always pick up this present energy of all those in this shared and differentiated NOW.

Recharge yourself by reading, remembering and speaking these words that are opening doors.

Here is a new beginning. I AM HERE AND COMING CLOSE AGAIN!

To be alone and forlorn by sadly being separated
United in love consciousness ALONE and ALL-ONE!


When we come to the end of
turn YOURSELF towards

Sound: (Dark Island / Capercaille)


Soon, for the majority of ‹humanity›,
the time will come where people just vegetate day in, day out sorrowful and disheartened.

It will come before you have time to even object!
The global world hustle and bustle will soon be dragging all nations into the droning stream of aimlessness and purposelessness.

How many will still be shouting indignantly that this is wrong! –
As they are engulfed by the whirlwind that they have evoked and busily fuelled.

It is not true that human beings are not in some way sensing,
that modern behaviour and ‹society’s› blind addiction to just carry on,
are leading towards ruin.

But arrogance and fear, selfishness and greed are obscuring the real needs from «daily consciousness».
And while in anxiety YOU don't see the help, even when it is very close.

Hold on! At least for a little while longer. Hold on!
Stand up and be quiet, upright! Upright and sincere belong together.
Only when awake in the present are you able to think, speak and act correctly.

And even when you are in dire straits, lift up your heart, gather your courage –
the strength that can, even in great danger, effect miracles.

This strength is proven and tested.


When we come to the end of
turn YOURSELF towards



Gather all YOUR COURAGE and gather YOURSELF!

Today is the day on which YOU rethink what You really are!

Deep inside «SOMETHING» is waiting.

IT is YOUR TRUE, BEAUTIFUL, WISE and POWERFUL BEING. IT waits there, hidden in your innermost depth or completely open in Your presence.

It waits for YOU to awaken and come out of the numbness of the artificial world and its operators.

It only waits to be called, called upon and appealed to by Your soul, by Your heart!

If your call is sincere then this TRUE, BEAUTIFUL, WISE and POWERFUL BEING can enter reality.

If IT enters reality, IT is able to turn everything around to the good.

Remember Your true and real being.
Leave the false god of artificiality.
Focus Yourself on YOU. Remember



When we come to the end of
turn YOURSELF towards

Dear friends

As many are experiencing, life on this planet is changing.

The last few months have awoken people to the fact that life may not always go on as usual nor as one would wish. Maybe you were happy before the apparent  ‘pandemic’? Or perhaps you were not so happy with your life?

Some have worked very hard over years to build up their own enterprise and all of a sudden it’s all gone, possibly forever?
Or are you experiencing the unendurable and unexpected loss of a loved one?
A sudden change of our life situation can open questions that otherwise would not bother you in the same way:

  • What is happening? Does it affect me?
  • Do I understand what is going on? Do I deserve this?
  • How am I in this? How are my family, friends and neighbours?
  • Do I have enough food, money and essentials?
  • How will it be tomorrow, next week, next month, next year?
  • I hear and see so many different opinions and reports, what should I believe?

Such a change and such questions can affect your emotions, your beliefs, and your health. You may feel threatened? Are you stressed?

What has been your reaction? Has it been fight or flight?
Perhaps you feel great, comfortable and up for the new challenge?
Whatever your reaction, this is a wakeup call that asks you to reflect on your situation and your surroundings.
This current ‘crisis’ is not only a personal issue, it is a local issue, it is a global issue and it will, in one way or another, affect your future.
Over the next few months, possibly years, you will have to deal with the consequences of your own actions and the actions of the government and other influences.
Are you comfortable with that?

Do you believe that you will be safe? That the government and the scientists who are advising will find the answers for your wellbeing? Or, are you beginning to wonder if there is something else going on? Something that intends you to stay in fear and wants to control you, to make you stay put and agree to constraints supposedly for your wellbeing?
Are you comfortable with the possibility of mandatory vaccination and technology that will monitor your health and behaviour?

The fallout from this situation that we now face brings many questions, insecurity and perhaps even more stress that will affect our body, soul and mind. To reverse this effect we need to understand this situation in a different way, find a method to build inner security and we need to be able to increase our ability to access human support. If we can’t get that from institutions, from governments or from society, we have to find a way to build it up within ourselves.

We who have launched this initiative ‘Storm of Courage and Storm of Love” have tracked the bigger picture for some time and are convinced that there is more going on behind the official storyline than we are supposed to know. There seems to be a strategy at work that wants you to become more and more dependent, that wants you to unquestioningly accept everything you are told, bolstered by mainstream media and poor journalism. You are asked to trust new science and implicit in this is the suggestion that you should not, and cannot, trust anybody else and certainly not your innate wisdom and the wisdom of your body. You are pushed into confusion questioning natural life, natural health and your sovereign thoughts.  You are being influenced to mistrust wisdom of age old dignified human development.

This science is designed to replace human interaction with cold technology; it affirms that there is nothing more worthy in life than to pursue entertainment, material success and wealth.
In this manipulative culture of fear you are required to replace healthy living and trust in your healthy immune system with dependence on expensive medicines paid for by yourself, and through your taxes.

These are just some elements of this agenda.
Possibly even more concerning is that you are expected to replace your faith in a higher intelligence with the post pandemic call to follow a narrow  ‘scientific’ doctrine.

Without doubt this has to be questioned.
Who does this suit?
Who will gain from such global requirements? There is a race for power and control.

Is this science?
Science should not be dependent on resources from private funds, and subject to private controls, even in the guise of charitable foundations. Where it is it is mostly about power. There are many incredibly wealthy individuals, but money is irrelevant where there is no power. To use charity to hoist oneself onto the world stage, to appear to offer magnanimous gestures to nation states under the guise of ‘help’ to the West and ‘aid’ to the third world is suspicious.  The WHO and the WTO together with many governments have accepted this type of influence and are now indebted to the individuals in question.

Don’t be duped.
Artificial Intelligence and the other models of science presently being promulgated take only the physically measurable dimension into account, and therefore fail to take into consideration that the physical body is only a part of the whole being, in much the same way that this science in analysing a beautiful poem or painting, could only calibrate the words, the paper, the ink or the paint, but not the emotional impact upon the observer.

Our goal is to help people understand the bigger picture of what is happening in order to be able to develop one’s own understanding and therefore, the capacity to decide conscientiously how we want to shape the future for our children.

We live in interesting times, but these are times that will soon decide if human evolution will end in a war of everybody against everybody, or if we can succeed in building a high culture in harmony with nature where people can live interesting and dignified lives in peace and joy.

In this time human beings, on the one hand, face the greatest threats of deception that are taking away their human birth rights for a good and meaningful life; on the other hand the highest divine wisdom is walking amongst us, unrecognised in the daily stress of perturbed eyes and overloaded ears. However the wise and loving guides cannot and will not make use of sophisticated manipulative marketing methods nor loud, biased news channels spinning half-truths.

True wisdom does not compete with money-ruled concepts, and never imposes itself on you.
In true wisdom you are always free and respected as an individual being but this truth is often only heard and found when we human beings are challenged to the bones, and our souls become desperate to find truth and meaning.

Our hope must be that we, as a society, learn from history and do not continue to repeat the action/reaction model that can only maintain the state of conflict. We need to adopt a model that allows us to move forward in mutual respect serving the higher goal of peace and prosperity for the whole society through integration, and not in the old way of divide and conquer.

When our souls become ready to open, to enable our ears and eyes again to hear and see the beauty, the poetry, fragrance and imagery in this astonishing creation, and the miracles of life itself; when we become silent and begin to listen to the inner voice of heart and soul then we may discover that behind all appearance lies an intelligence that is far higher and much more beautiful than all artificial technology, an intelligence that speaks to us in our own language and knows our individual situation better than any friend.

Once discovered, your life begins to change and we will rise to the most beautiful and intimate experiences.
This is an opening to the unshakable truth that lies beyond all seeming appearances of superficial temptations that the artificial world has to offer.

This awakening leads to true love and joy and brings new hope, trust and courage. This attracts new friends who are also engaging in building a future on this planet that is in harmony with nature and the earth and is worth living for all life.

Thank you for your interest and support

Storm of Courage and Storm of Love

Human children, you don’t have time to lose, rise up for the forests, don’t let yourself be lied to anymore!

The trees are your friends and also important partners for life, they need CO2 to live like you need oxygen.

Stop now in all parts of the world the grabbing forest clearance! If the forests die off you die too! The forest killing mania has to be prevented RIGHT NOW actively and judicially.

Already the fact that there are ever more forest fires globally shows any intelligent human being that one has waited far too long. For too long there was only much talk and the “governments” have delayed any serious action for change – now is the time to act. It is of importance to bring in new laws for the preservation of the forests.

Those who continue to selfishly clear the last old jungles – under whatever pretence – are murdering the life sustaining, oxygen gifting friends, the trees!

Forest murder is Earth murder and this is also homicide on the human peoples! And those who know this and condone to this render themselves liable to complicity in mass murder. All who continue to participate in these clearances but especially those who devilishly cash in on it shall be prosecuted. These huge clearances have to be totally stopped immediately.

It is now imperative: To plant new trees!
But planting trees is not enough – there needs to be reforestation. It is necessary to plant at the right places the correct trees that belong together.

FORESTS ! – GREAT FORESTS ! – STRONG MIXED FORESTS ! – are now to be planted according to the state of the art knowledge and newest scientific research.


Attention !

The old primeval forests cannot simply be replaced by new ones – they still carry some mysteries that the human beings of our time have forgotten and are not yet again in a state where they could understand them…

The living forests that have not yet been rendered ill, injured or distorted by the consumer and spoiler people, they build together with the earth - and for the earth – a highly sensitive field of life intelligence that only in recent times scientists and nature researchers are discovering again.

THE EARTH IS LIVING – she is a sensitive, ensouled being and disposes of an intelligence of a higher order that the human beings still cannot grasp.


Please share this call as quickly as possible! Please send the call, in all languages, thousand fold multiplied, and let it hail with reminding calls to all so called “regents”. Hope and pray, that these “regents” don’t chase humanity into the Great War – otherwise it would be too late!

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