Day by day the healthy global balance of all life on our planet becomes more disturbed and our civilisations risk implosion. The majority of the population are unaware of the very present danger of this situation, caught up as they are in their daily business.
There is a danger in waking up to the full extent of the problem as this can bring desperation and a feeling of powerlessness that can lead to depression, anxiety and apathy. It is, therefore, important that people can understand the threats that we face, but at the same time know their options and the pathways that can enable us to overcome the dangers of our time.
This project is launched in order to help awaken more and more people to an understanding of the situation and to present them with constructive, feasible and non-violent possibilities for action.
There are many very good initiatives and many groups working for peace and for a healthy environment. However, as long as the majority of people do not recognise and understand the full extent of the threats, they are handing over their sovereignty and human dignity to forces that are ruling through hidden structures of power to enslave humanity and rob the planet of its natural resources, all of which are needed for the harmonious development of all life. Perhaps you find this stark and rather harsh, but you may reconsider after observing critically what is happening on Earth and by having an overview of the situation and knowledge of the details.

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