Project Leader

Christian Knoepfel Eva

Christian was born in Switzerland in 1948. After studies in humanities, psychology and philosophy he studied information technology and electronics and established a successful IT career. He also researched and studied various spiritual practices including yoga, meditation and an initiatic spiritual path. After moving to the North of Ireland he deepened his understanding of Celtic wisdom and the Druid tradition. He is living between France and Ireland and offers spiritual support in workshops and online.

Project Team

Laura Graham

Artist, living in Edinburgh and Northern Ireland.
Laura uses painting, sculpture, installations and film to express her views on human dignity and cross-cultural aspects of law, religion and social cohesion.


Lionel Travaini

Artist, living in France.



Project Support

Cormac Ó Briain

Musician, living in Ireland.


Jaff Adrian Jefferies

Musician, living in Ireland.


Lynn Mary Mitchel

Born in the USA, now iving in Northern Ireland.


Chris Eva

Shooting Director | Cameraman | Drone Operator


Nicolas Dermigny

Actor, Living in France.

Aldo Rizzi

Scientist, living in Finnland


Valerie McLaughlin

 Lives in Dunegal, Ireland.


Theresa R C Mc Grory

From Derry, living in Donegal, Ireland.
Trained social worker, interested in meditation, early Celtic and Christian wisdom.


Ulrike Six Mueller

Owner of a Dance Studio in France.


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