Storms are sweeping over the planet - earth, air, fire and water show their power. Then ideological, political and economic storms threaten our civilised life and with it the survival of our culture and our civilisations. And even human life on the planet is more and more challenged by the pollution and the threat of nuclear war.

But above and behind all that another storm is gathering momentum, the storm of courage and love, waking up more and more people, inspiring them to transform our civilisation. This storm is touching people in their hearts and minds, it calls up their conscience, reminds them of their right to freedom and peace. It appeals to their inherent wish to live life as it is meant to be, a celebration of evolution on our planet. And the higher the stress and pressure mount and the more our existence is threatened, the more this storm evokes the unrealised potential and power of our being.

So while chaos, division and destruction are spreading we find new groups, communities that are growing, determined to bring change. In order to succeed, to overcome differences and face the challenges of our times, they need more advanced forms of co-operation, courage and engagement for a common higher goal. The wisdom of past and present cultures, if remembered and applied, will be crucial for victory.

This initiative is launched in order to help awakened people to connect, exchange and join forces, thereby raising ideals and bringing change for the good and momentum to the storm. We ask people of different walks of life; scientists, artists, craftspeople, technicians, teachers, students, economists, politicians etc. to support and foster this movement and we anticipate that some of them may offer to become a patron for the project.

We are asking people who are inspired by this initiative to share it with their friends and colleagues and to register on our social media platforms. We welcome contributions and ideas that will help these aims and bring hope and confidence to others.

We believe that art in its many forms can be most important for social development and that social development can itself become an art form. The arts can bring joy and healing to people and therefore become the living link between free individuals in society.

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