Mission Statement

A Wakeup Call for Humanity

With COURAGE and LOVE we will INSPIRE each other to WAKE UP, to CHANGE OURSELVES and how we live by consciously coming into HARMONY with NATURE and EACH OTHER and by living a life of PEACE, PROSPERITY and DIGNITY for everyone and everything on this wonderful planet.

We ACTIVELY stand for RESPECT and EQUALITY for all, irrespective of species, race, gender or sentience.

OUR POWER lies in EMPOWERING ALL by sharing ideas, views, perceptions, understandings, cultural and life experiences irrespective of where we come from.

OUR POWER lies in how we choose to express our SUPPORT for all and INCLUSION of all through the UNIVERSAL medium of ART, PERFORMANCE, MUSIC, LITERATURE, POETRY, DANCE, IDEAS, PLAY and the SPOKEN WORD.

OUR POWER lies in OUR BELIEF that;

  • We are INDEPENDENT of any religion, culture or political stream
  • We safeguard HUMAN DIGNITY
  • We respect all CULTURES and RACES
  • We respect all SPECIES
  • We respect the ENVIRONMENT
  • We are committed to NON-VIOLENCE
  • We harbour no desire for personal gain
  • We do not promote any private agenda for those participating in this movement and any of its events

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