We believe that the wisdom of past times, when people lived much more in harmony with the Earth and all life, can help us to attain a new relationship of co-operation with nature for a healthier society. In the West we find much social wisdom in the tradition of the Celtic Tribes who spread over many parts of Europe. We should also remember that the Proto-Celtic tribes originated in Asia and we can find many shared traditions in the culture of ancient India. They had highly developed social skills that enabled them to learn from each other through trading and social contacts that extended from the mountains of Central Europe to the shores of the Western Islands.

In these Celtic cultures we find a highly respected bardic tradition. The bards were responsible for memorising the history, wisdom and traditions of the tribe and the country. This was handed down by these bardic poets from one generation to the next over long ages. In our time people of the western Celtic lands retain a memory of some of the traditional wisdom. Building on this wisdom, but applying this knowledge to our times, friends from many countries are coming together for this initiative.

We launch this call from the Island of Ireland; surrounded by the ocean, this island has an incredible past and long history of integral cultural development. Over thousands of years it has survived many invasions and attempts to rob it of its culture, but the wisdom of its people, combined with an unmatched passion for life allowed much of the old wisdom and culture to survive.

The people fought, but also mixed with the invaders, learning from them and renewing their culture under the new circumstances. Let us just be reminded with what an incredible love and passion the learned Irishmen brought literacy to the British Isles and how, after the fall of the Roman Empire, they flocked to Europe to teach science and religion everywhere and were instrumental in restoring the culture that had been lost in the dark Middle Ages.

Some of these invasions of Ireland caused much suffering and brought the nation to its knees, but it was not possible to suppress their culture totally and as a consequence the people and their culture became stronger. Hardship can ignite creativity and the situation that many people had to emigrate and build ‘pockets of Irish Culture’ around the world contributed to the fact that Irish people have become respected in many countries for their heart, humour and friendship. This was all possible through their passion and courage in adversity and their love for life and for the earth.

We want to use predominantly the Irish words for courage and love, misneach and grá, as they carry some of that passion into our times.

Clearly this call is for everyone, independent of culture and origin. Without significant changes to our behaviour the consequences for our societies will be painful for all. We are facing a new and largely unrecognised ‘invasion’ that is eroding our social structures and uprooting us from a nourishing culture. Our predominantly one-sided science and our technology with its racing development need to be re-evaluated in the light of their many consequences for the health of mankind and the environment. These are often hidden or downplayed for the public. We are on the brink of being inundated with and immersed in soulless technology affecting all aspects of our lives, making us indeed very dependent and susceptible to subtle manipulation on many levels.

It is not our intention to add to people’s anxiety by painting gloomy scenarios. It is much more our wish to encourage people to embrace the challenges, to help each other and to join forces for the higher good. We invite people of all walks of life who hear and respect this call to foster it, to share it and to bring their skills and experience to it. In particular we call on today's bards but also hope that many artists of all genres might be inspired to express this call through their particular artistic medium. 

May distress, anger and frustration transform into courage and into love, for healthy cultural development, for humanity, for the Earth! 

Ethical rules

  • The movement is independent of any religion, culture or political stream and shall safeguard HUMAN DIGNITY
  • The movement implies respect for all cultures and races and includes the welfare of animals and care for the environment
  • Commitment to non-violence and to no personal gains or private agenda on participating in the movement and its events


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