If you like our project we encourage you to register and participate in our community portal.

We are building up local and international interest groups to exchange about things that matter for the goals of the initiative:

  • Organisation of local and international events and gatherings
  • Gathering of relevant information by topic
  • Interdisciplinary exchange on topics and projects
  • Networking
  • Fundraising for the inititiative and supported projects

This initiative has been launched and begins now the first phase of developing its membership and promote its aims.

We are welcoming any contribution towards our aims, be it

  • Co-operation in spreading and sharing the information
  • Organisation of local events
  • Donations and fundraising
  • Moderateing and editing research and exchange topics

We are also looking for organisations and companies that support our goals and are willing to sponsor us!

Every donation will only be used for the advantage of this initiative - and we invite you to specify your preferred usage of your donation.

Donations can be made in the following currencies:

Pound Sterling
Swiss Francs
US Dollar

This project is managed by the Swiss communications company "Firebird Connections GmbH" and donations will automatically be attributed to this project.



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