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Sound: (Spoken / Gula Gula / Morning Sun)


‹I AM THE CHANGE OF TIME. In the NOW I turn everything to the good!›

YOU are reading this right NOW.
YOU come to know word and meaning right now and in the NOW SPACE!

YOU, who are now receiving these thoughts at different places on earth in this current moment of your life
– seeing or listening in different languages, become aware that you are, through the actual effect of these thoughts and words,
immersed into a common fabric of shared NOW-experiences all around the world.

Immerse your soul into the light of the wakeful presence.
Numberless MANY are connected to each other through their presence in currently reading and understanding these words,
these thoughts or even this creative idea!

This conscious presence circles the whole earth!
Freely connected in this bright presence you can discover a door to freedom.

YOU! You are capable of it!
YOU are capable of absorbing into yourself this shining force from that other space.
Whenever you want to you can always pick up this present energy of all those in this shared and differentiated NOW.

Recharge yourself by reading, remembering and speaking these words that are opening doors.

Here is a new beginning. I AM HERE AND COMING CLOSE AGAIN!

To be alone and forlorn by sadly being separated
United in love consciousness ALONE and ALL-ONE!


When we come to the end of
turn YOURSELF towards